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24 Parrot Gold Glass

24 Parrot Gold Glass

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Okay, full disclosure about this glass...this gorgeous gold goblet was SUPPOSED to be our 5th anniversary glass but a couple of backorders squashed that idea. But it's FINALLY here and ready to celebrate anyway! Just add your favorite beer and sip in style!

To make sure glassware is kept safe during shipping, these are limited to *2 per order* so they can be easily and properly packed.

Also, to keep the gold print nice and shiny, we recommend this glass being *hand-wash only*

Hey Pally! Details for us shipping you your 1/2 Case of beer is below:
  • Each order placed will need to be in a 1/2 case increment (3 x 4 packs), with you deciding what 4packs you’d like in each case!
  • Shipping cost is a $15 flat fee per case and includes tax & CRV.
  • Beer can only be shipped within the great state of California and requires a signature and valid ID from a person 21+ to accept delivery, and can not just be left at your doorstep.
  • Beer and Merch will ship separately
  • We’re shipping through a next day delivery service. Delivery to most of California should occur within 24 hours of us shipping. We do not take responsibility for delays in the delivery by the delivery service.
  • Orders will be processed Monday and Tuesday morning for delivery on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • We don’t have the resources to ship our beer cold at this time, but hope to offer that at some point!